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Washer Repair in Moore Oklahoma

Ken’s Washer and Dryer repair service in Moore Ok is the #1 choice for fast and affordable washer and dryer repair. Ken’s Washer and Dryer Repair is a local family owned and operated business and we’ve been doing washer repair in Moore Oklahoma for over 30 years. Ken and his team are factory authorized to repair almost all name brand washing machines, guaranteeing it’s done right and your washing machine is as good as new.

Washing Machine Repair Saves Tons of Money Over Buying New

Wait! Don’t throw out that washing machine just yet! Most people assume because their washing machine is older, that when it breaks down “it must be time for a new one.” More times than not, this is not true. Parts and the cost of paying a fast and affordable washing machine repairman is USUALLY far cheaper in the short and long term than buying new. New washing machines can cost up to or over $1,000 while having your washer repaired can cost a fraction of that and be as good as new!

Our Moore washer repair service team has saved Moore residents thousands of dollars over the years! We can have you back up and running in no time (often same day as you call). Have us come take a look before you rush out and waste your hard earned money!

Why Choose us for Washer Repair in Moore Ok?

How did we stay in business for over 30 years? Fast, reliable, affordable. Studies show that your normal American home does around 400 loads of washing per year! Your washing machine is crucial to keeping you looking good at work and your kids ready for school. A broken washing machine is a monster inconvenience. From water leaking all over your laundry room, to a broken belt, to a burnt out motor, Ken’s Moore Washer Repair team is here to help and fast!

We offer the fastest and most affordable washer repair service in Moore! Give us a call today and more times than not we can offer you same day service!

Call us Today For a FREE Estimate for Washer Repair in Moore Ok! 405 409 6247

How do you know you need washing machine repair?

  • Your washing machine is vibrating erratically or more than normal or making odd noises.
  • Your washing machine literally won’t run at all or more commonly, it is stopping during the cycle.
  • Your washing machine won’t drain the water.
  • When you start the spin cycle, the water isn’t bilging out properly.

These are just some of the most common problems our Moore washing machine repair team see every day. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please give us a call immediately. Just like most machines, if you catch a problem early enough it will be much cheaper than waiting. If you wait, a small problem may grow into a larger more expensive problem that could have been avoided.

Call us Today For a FREE Estimate for Washer Repair in Moore Ok! 405 409 6247