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Dryer Repair in Moore Oklahoma

If you need dryer repair in Moore Oklahoma, please give us a call. We can fix almost any brand or model of clothing dryer. Are you having a problem where your clothes aren’t coming out all the way dry or they are taking forever to dry? This is the most common dryer repair concern and it is crucial that you get that looked at and repaired in a timely fashion. If you live in Moore and this is a concern please give us a call right way to set up a dryer repair appointment.

At Ken’s Washer and Dryer Repair we know our Moore customers are busy, so we always work hard to fit your appointment convenient to your schedule.

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  • Dryer Repair Reason #1: Won’t heat up or drys slow

    If your dryer is taking forever to dry, it’s crucial you call a dryer repair specialist in Moore before your next use. When a dryer is not properly drying it could be a host of reasons including a motor problem among other things that are not necessarily dangerous. However, it is not uncommon for your dryer to have lint backed up in the dryer itself along with the ventilation hose leading outside. If this is clogged it could potentially be a fire hazard.

  • Dryer Repair Reason #2: Avoid Fire and Save Money

    Besides being a fire hazard, this issue is also costing you a lot of money. If your dryer is clogged it is making the dryer’s motor work extra hard causing wear and tear on your dryer and causing you to waste money on energy as it takes longer to dry your clothes.

    If you live in Moore Oklahoma and your dryer is not working or drying extremely slow, please give us a call today and let’s get your clothes dryer fixed right away! We are your Moore washer repair and dryer repair specialists.

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